LED sources for large area lighting

LED sources for large area lighting

LED technology is now being used in high-power floodlights to illuminate stadiums and public infrastructure projects like stations and airports, and in general any large area. It is a technological revolution that entails significant energy savings, combined with all the benefits of LED lighting, such as long lamp life and perfect integration with smart management devices.

A marketing-oriented stadium

Major football clubs “carry” popular brands all over the world and want their stadiums to be attractive for fans, as well as for their sponsors. This is the approach taken by many British football clubs. For example, in 2006 Arsenal signed a 15-year contract with Fly Emirates worth 150 million euro to name the Emirates Stadium until 2028. This example was followed by other British clubs, such as Manchester City for the Etihad Stadium and last year’s season revelation Leicester City for the King Power Stadium. Naming a stadium is only one of the many ways in which a modern and energy-efficient arena can contribute to the income of football clubs

The new stadiums

Today, the ideal stadium is a facility which is cost-effective, not so large (40,000 seats) where the audience can enjoy maximum comfort (all spectators are seated) and in close contact with what’s happening in the field. The stadium must be equipped with a series of areas and services that can make it enjoyable even when there is no sport event. Modern stadiums often include gyms, meeting rooms, museums containing team’s memorabilia and a mega store where fans can buy shirts and gadgets.

Technology for comfort and safety

In new stadiums, the most advanced systems and digital technologies can be used for important goals, such as the safety and comfort of spectators, energy-efficiency, respect for the environment and increased management. The most advanced systems to control spectators coming in and going out of the stadium, as well as video surveillance devices are essential elements to increase safety, not only during major events. However, an important role is also played by lights, which are the elements that really make the stadium come alive.



Comfort and safety in large-scale infrastructure

The most advanced systems and new digital technologies can be used in major infrastructure projects with important goals. First and foremost to increase the safety of the areas where millions of people transit every day; the other goals are comfort, energy efficiency, environmental protection and management improvement. Moreover, the most advanced systems can integrate a number of other services, such as video surveillance systems, which are key elements for increasing safety and for monitoring the environment, traffic and parking availability, while offering a set of valuable data to create a new dialogue between the city and its inhabitants.

Forum LED (Disano illuminazione)

Amongst the new products from the Disano illuminazione catalogue, Forum LED is surely one of the most interesting innovations. It is in fact the LED version of one of the most popular floodlights in the sector of sport and public lighting. It has a modular structure that can be used even in the dual and triple configuration, with different power outputs and light distributions, making Forum LED an ideal solution for systems of any dimension and with the most suitable technical solutions. In terms of light quality, results are excellent, with temperatures ranging from 4000K to 5700K and a colour rendering of up to 90 CRI. Moreover, the optical group inserted into Forum LED is designed to minimize dispersion of light and glare. All this results into top-notch light output and visual comfort, with a lighting beam that can be controlled and oriented as needed.


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