Virtual Midnight. A smart device that saves energy

Virtual Midnight. A smart device that saves energy

High-quality, eco-friendly technology within anyone’s reach.

  • Thanks to virtual midnight calculation, outdoor luminaries and public lights can cut down consumptions using light only when and where needed.

  • No need to replace the whole system.

  • A preset, easily customizable mechanism with no running and maintenance costs.

  • An eco-friendly solution, which is based on a smart technology that anyone can afford.


When we speak of smart cities that offer high-quality and eco-friendly services, we don’t necessarily have to think about the complete transformation of mega cities and huge investments. Today, there are simple solutions with a high level of technology that allow creating energy-efficient, smart and high-quality lighting infrastructure with sustainable investments, even in small towns.


The virtual midnight calculation is based on a mechanism that can be applied to public lights, and more generally to outdoor luminaire, which allow programming a reduction of the luminous flux, when you don’t need the luminaire to operate at full power all the time. For example, during the central hours of the night, in areas where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is low, a reduction of the luminous flux will keep lighting levels within safety standards while saving energy. Multiply by hundreds or even thousands of street lamps and the savings become significant.

A virtual midnight device calculates the average value between the time the fixture is switched on (sunset) and switched off (sunrise). Starting from this hypothetical value it is then possible to dim lights according to needs and applicable standards. The system is also capable of automatically adjusting to the seasonal switching on/off times.


This type of device, applied to a LED lighting system, results in considerable energy savings compared to old technology. How much can you save? For example, with a LED street luminaire that replaces a lamp with a 150 W high pressure sodium source, you can save up to 30% of energy (with the lamp operating at full power for 11 hours). With the virtual midnight, energy savings are up to 52%. In fact, the luminaire works for 4 hours at full power and for 7 hours at 50% of its power.

It is worth noting that the initial system setup – if necessary – can be easily customized from the operating board. Therefore, the system doesn’t require much effort or costs for running and maintenance.

In this way, town administrators have the chance to make their streets, squares, big and small neighbourhoods safer and more liveable with a contained investment, which is mostly compensated by the energy savings.



The stand-alone virtual midnight system is mounted on individual fixtures and does not require extra cabling. Disano illuminazione mounts programmable virtual midnight drivers onto all standard versions of its street and public luminaires. Moreover, with the corresponding code, it is possible to choose from different versions with preset luminous flux steps. Alternatively, there is the possibility to opt for remote control systems that allow further increasing energy savings by introducing more flexibility.


With Disano illuminazione, public lights are smarter and more eco-friendly th

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  • On July 24, 2019
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