Using LEDs in condominiums: how much can you save?

Using LEDs in condominiums: how much can you save?

In condominiums, lighting rarely gets the attention it deserves. Most often, the common areas in condominiums and apartment buildings are illuminated with obsolete fixtures, which are usually neglected except for minor extraordinary maintenance interventions.

Yet lighting accounts for one of the highest costs in a building, and today there are plenty of opportunities to save money. For example, simply retrofitting existing fixtures with LED sources not only results in a more functional and energy-efficient lighting system, but it also promotes an eco-friendly, win-win solution that will benefit everyone.

But how much can one expect to save? To give a detailed picture of the benefits offered by the new lighting technologies, Disano’s experts have carried out a simulation study by calculating the total power consumed to illuminate the common areas in a small condominium, considering the number of lamps installed, the number of hours the lamps stay on per day and per year (columns to the left) and comparing the results obtained by old fluorescent lamps and Disano’s LED fixtures.

The results are summarized in the table below.


We can see from the results that a lighting system with circular fluorescent lamps (FC), compact fluorescent lamps (FLC), metal halide bulbs (JM) and fluorescent tubes (FL) installed in the common areas of a small-sized condominium is expected to consume 425 W (with an annual consumption of 41,200 kWh). By replacing these lamps with Disano LED fixtures, the total power drops to 192 W (with an annual consumption of 18,816 kWh), hence saving up to 58% of energy.

In other words, a lighting system with LED sources consumes less than half the power of a system fitting any other lamp type.

Moreover, these results combine with other benefits, which are related to higher savings and improved functionality.

One of these benefits is the LED’s long service life that also reduces the costs for extraordinary maintenance, because burnt-out bulbs don’t need to be replaced so often as in older systems.

New LED fixtures also use efficient light control systems and dimmers. The use of presence sensors limits energy consumption in less frequented areas, switching lights on only when needed. At the same time, a smart lighting management system can dim outdoor lights (reducing consumption) during the darkest hours of the night in areas such as condominium gardens where lights don’t always need to stay at full brightness.


Disano’s condominium lighting solutions

Disano offers a selection of unique luminaires with characteristics suitable to meet the different lighting requirements in the common areas of condominiums.


Access areas (entrance ways, garages, car parks)

To ensure comfort and safety in condominium access areas, lighting fixtures such as Micro Rodio and Micro Cripto (Disano) offer all the quality of COB LEDs (3000 and 4000 K, CRI 90). These fixtures are available in three different colours (graphite, white and anthracite) and with a built-in presence detector. The Vega wall-mount lamp (Disano) fitting 14 and 17 W LEDs also available with a presence detector is a functional choice guaranteed to last in time.

Particularly suited for garages is the high-efficiency Echo ceiling lamp (Disano) with twin LED module available in different powers (21, 38, 50 W) to meet multiple needs as well as in versions with (1-10 V) dimmable on-off radar sensor.


Passage areas (corridors, staircases, foyers)

For these areas, Disano offers a selection of high-efficiency LED luminaires featuring a modern design, suitable to refresh the lighting system while ensuring economic advantages and an aesthetically excellent result. The Compact (Disano), Globo 2.0 (Disano) and Pastilla (Fosnova) spotlights for wall or ceiling mounting are available in different sizes, providing high-quality LED light (3000 and 4000 K, CRI 80) that can be equipped with sensors to dim lights according to room occupancy. As for safety, Riquadro (Disano) and Safety (Disano) are fixtures that activate the emergency mode in case of blackout.


Utility rooms

For utility rooms, Echo (Disano) with the single LED module offers all the quality of Disano’s ceiling lamps, also available with presence detection and emergency lighting. Tortuga (Fosnova) can be mounted as a ceiling or a wall lamp, made in two versions and two different sizes, presenting itself as a practical and efficient solution to get all the quality of LED lighting (3-4000K and CRI>80). This fixture, too, is available with emergency lighting and presence sensor.


Outdoor lighting (balconies, gardens, car parks)

Disano’s wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures, all featuring “Made in Italy” design and manufacturing quality, includes products which are particularly suited to meet the special requirements of condominiums. Among these products, there are spotlights such as Brick (Disano) to enhance façades with direct and indirect light, Cubo and Orma (Disano) for a more practical and efficient solution and Jet IP65 (Fosnova), available in three versions to meet different needs, offering high-quality light (CRI 90) for maximum visual comfort without wasting energy, also in the DALI dimmable version. For architectural façade lighting, the Podio spotlight (Disano) can be mounted as a wall or a floor spotlight, guaranteeing the lighting quality of COB LEDs (CRI 90) and the control of highly performing DALI systems. The Portofino LED bollard (Disano) is made to withstand different environmental conditions and stands out for its versatility thanks to the availability of different heights. Finally, for the lighting of larger areas, Garda LED, Disano’s top-selling range of street fixtures, with a perfect lighting distribution and no dispersions, offers the best in terms of outdoor LED lighting. To further increase savings, Garda can be equipped with automatic management systems, such as the virtual midnight feature, which reduces the luminous flux during the darkest hours of the night.

Brickcubo Jet Podio Portofino


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