The Scandinavium arena chooses Disano’s floodlights

The Scandinavium arena chooses Disano’s floodlights

  • The iconic indoor arena in Gothenburg upgrades its lighting with Disano’s Forum LED lights.
  • High-quality lighting for international televised sporting and concert events.
  • Central floodlighting control to set different light scenes and schedules.

When it was inaugurated, on 18 May 1971, the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, was the largest indoor facility in Northern Europe. Throughout the course of its history, the arena hosted numerous international sports competitions, including several editions of Ice Hockey and Handball World Championships, as well as other events, such as the famous 1984 Davis Cup final when Sweden won against the United States.


Today, the Scandinavium arena is a modern multi-purpose facility for sporting and concert events, recently equipped with a new all-LED lighting system, which was especially conceived to meet multiple needs using the best lighting technology on the market.


The arena stands in a central area of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. It is the home of the local ice hockey team, the Frölunda HC, the many times Swedish Champion as well as winner of two European Hockey League Championships. The arena, which has a capacity of about 12000 seats, also hosts many other sporting competitions, such as handball matches, and will be the home of horse jumping shows, within the Sweden International Horse Show, the most important equestrian event in Scandinavia.


The Scandinavium is also the venue of concerts and music events, like the Eurovision Song Contest. In the version dedicated to hosting shows, the facility can seat up to 14000 spectators. Furthermore, the arena in Gothenburg has been the venue for important concerts held by great international stars such as the Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and many others.

The new lighting system

The Scandinavium arena recently inaugurated a new LED lighting system, made with the lights manufactured by Disano illuminazione.

To illuminate the arena for hockey and other sports competitions, the designers used Forum LED, the spotlights by Disano that bring LED light into great facilities, designed with a modular structure (one, two or three modules) to achieve maximum lighting efficiency and flexibility.


In this case, designers installed up to 121 Forum LED (Disano) lights with two modules, colour temperature of 5700 K and colour rendering of Ra90.

The system emits the very high lighting quality required by televised shows, with horizontal lighting greater than 1300 lux towards fixed camera (uniformity min/max 0.5, min/avg 0.6). For all other directions, lighting is greater than 900 lux.

For hockey games, lighting parameters are even more outstanding, with a lighting of 2500 lux and a very high horizontal uniformity: min/max 0.6, min/avg 0.8.


Another 28 Forum LED (Disano) two-module floodlights, with a temperature of 5700 K and colour rendering of Ra90, were used for the lighting of the stands.

Lastly, 18 Astro (Disano) with a colour temperature of 3000K Ra90 will be used during concerts, meetings and conferences.

The new lighting system is equipped with a control system with DMX protocol (Digital multiplex), the popular digital system for the control of lights for shows. The system is controlled from a central console that allows setting different lighting scenes and creating the right mood for any sporting and concert event. This is why all Disano spotlights are supplied with special DMX drivers.

With the new LED lighting system the Scandinavium arena is ready for many more decades of great sport and concert events

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