Tanger-Med: the LED evolution of an international hub

Tanger-Med: the LED evolution of an international hub

The port of Tanger-Med is a major trading hub between Africa, Europe and Asia ranked among the world’s top 50 ports.

Over the years, it managed to increase its financial balance sheets in all sectors confirming a definitely positive trend.


Goods, import-export trading and the great navigation routes that make the world more connected are becoming ever more important. This is why in 2007 the Moroccan authorities equipped the Tanger-Med port with a gigantic infrastructure and are now launching a massive upgrading plan as a further sign of its commitment to the development of the port area.


Tanger-Med currently boasts a capacity of 8 million containers, 7 million vehicles, 700,000 trucks and 10 million tons of oil, making it one of the leading shipping hubs in the Mediterranean and Africa!


With the aim to improve the Tanger-Med port also from the structural point of view, the whole lighting system was redesigned with LED sources, in order to guarantee greater energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs using low energy fixtures that can also make the port safer and more comfortable in both passenger and commercial areas, especially at night.

In the industrial sector, new LED lighting systems are replacing obsolete installations providing a number of advantages:

  • Remarkable energy savings that allow fast payback.
  • Increased safety on the workplace and in loading areas.
  • Longer lamp life with no maintenance.
  • Light control systems to dim artificial lighting based on the amount of daylight and program ON/OFF times.

The Tanger-Med port now features Astro with LED sources and wide beam optics. These compact, yet powerful luminaires offer remarkable light uniformity, even with the installation of a limited number of fixtures. The new Astro products represent the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology. The ultra modern high-power LED sources that ensure long lamp life and exceptional technical performance are mounted on a body with a sober and linear design.

Creativity and great technical know-how are integrated into the product’s evolution, without giving up on sustainability, energy-efficiency and innovative technology.

Astro: the most efficient solution for complex projects.

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