Snowboard World Cup illuminated by Disano

Snowboard World Cup illuminated by Disano

During the weekend of December 14 and 15 Cortina d’Ampezzo held the races of the Snowboard World Cup. The most spectacular event was the night-time parallel slalom on the Tondi di Faloria slope illuminated by Disano, the event’s technical sponsor.

Disano’s floodlights are also used in the Alpine ski slopes that are expected to host the Ski World Cup Finals in 2020 and the Alpine World Championships in 2021, as it prepares for the Milan-Cortina Olympic Winter Games to be held in 2026.

“The Eldorado of Winter Sports” is how Sari Essayah, chair of the IOC Coordination Commission for 2026 Winter Games, defined Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Italian Alps. In fact Cortina, also known as the “queen of the Dolomites”, is getting ready to host some of the most important sporting events in winter sports, which will culminate in the 2026 Olympic Games at exactly sixty years from the 1956 Olympics, which made this lovely alpine town known all over the world.

Disano illuminazione, an Italian lighting manufacturer with a long experience in the lighting of international sports events, partnered with Cortina as a sponsor and as the supplier of top-tier lighting fixtures to light up existing and new racing slopes.


On December 14 and 15 the slopes of Mount Faloria hosted the races of the Snowboard World Cup held in Cortina for the fifth year in a row. The most spectacular race was surely the night-time parallel slalom along the Tondi di Faloria slope illuminated by Disano, the event’s technical sponsor.

The Tondi di Faloria slope is about 350 metres long and features a permanent lighting system made up of 128 Forum (Disano) 2000 W floodlights spread over 16 poles, 13 metres tall, along both sides. Each pole mounts 4 Forum 2000 W floodlights with wide and medium beam angles. Another 54 Forum (Disano) 2000 W floodlights were added to guarantee perfect visibility for the athletes, the audience attending the race and the TV viewers watching the show live from their homes.

The system has been certified by FIS (International Ski Federation) and ensures lighting levels between 1000 and 1400 lux, perfectly suited for TV coverage.


Gianpietro Ghedina, Mayor of Cortina d’Ampezzo, said: “The Snowboard World Cup has grown greatly over the years, always receiving positive comments from the International Federation itself. It is therefore by right part of our journey that will take us to hosting the Winter Olympics in 2026. With all the international sports events Cortina hosts, including the Finals and the Alpine World Championships for example, the town will become the capital of winter sports, not only in Italy, but worldwide.”

Disano is also offering its assistance in the technical setup of the slopes for the World Cup Finals to be held in March 2020 and the Alpine World Championships in 2021.

Disano’s lights are installed along the historic Olimpia slope that will host the women’s giant slalom and the new Vertigine track built in 2017 to host the downhill, super giant and giant slalom races.



Disano’s floodlights will also help prepare the slopes for the race, allow night-time training sessions as well as light up views of the town with amazing effects.

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