People at the centre of lighting design

People at the centre of lighting design

Confirmations of the role of lighting design were made in the recent 29th edition of Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition held every two years within Milan’s Salone del Mobile. Lighting is becoming ever more important in the technological transformation of our living spaces.

Milan’s leading event dedicated to international design set a new record with over 343,000 visitors from 165 countries, showing a 10% increase compared with the previous edition of Euroluce held in 2015.

The Salone del Mobile offers the opportunity to understand the changes taking place in the way we live, work and enjoy our cities. The new LED lighting technology encompasses the many novelties that are being introduced in the world of design and lighting manufacturing. The green approach to technology stems from the need to save energy and leads to a new concept where people are at the centre of the design (Human Centric Lighting). It is a philosophy that takes inspiration from natural rhythms and puts the lighting installations in relation with our daily life, including our moments of relaxation and socialisation.

This trend can be clearly seen in the recent products designed by Disano for workplaces and residential outdoor areas.


New lights for offices and retail stores

Disano, a company that has been representing Made in Italy excellence for over fifty years, is proud to present a new range of products with revolutionary design, functionality and lighting performance.

Heron (Disano) is the evolution of the recessed ceiling lamp featuring a particular optical design studied to prevent glare and achieve the best distribution of light. An evenly distribution light output is an important factor for visual comfort and translates into tangible benefits for the health and wellbeing of workers at the end of the day.


The light emitted by Heron can be fully controlled thanks to its dimming system and the use of sensors that can adjust lighting levels according to different needs.


The path of design evolution of the innovative LED sources has led to the new series of Asso (Fosnova) and Fashion (Fosnova), a line of spotlights with great elegance and amazing performance. Equipped with reflectors in high-performance and anti-glare polished aluminium, they fit latest generation, low power COB LED sources for high lighting quality. Worth mentioning is their elevated colour rendering (CRI 90), which is essential to be competitive in the retail store lighting sector.


Fashion (Fosnova)

Fashion (Fosnova)



New light paths

The design evolution of outdoor lighting fixtures creates a new relation between functional and emotional benefits. Lights define evening trials and serve as decorating elements to illuminate the walkway leading to the main entrance.

This new approach can be used in residential zones, as well as in the outdoors of companies and buildings to show their green commitment.



Amalfi (Disano) and Portofino (Disano) represent the new generation of environmentally friendly bollards, perfectly suited to replace obsolete and highly polluting spherical fixtures, thanks to their superior lighting quality and good distribution. Extremely versatile, they are designed to be easily installed at different heights to meet diverse needs, while offering high colour rendering.

Amalfi (Disano)

Amalfi (Disano)


They are made in materials that withstand various environmental conditions, while sources maintain 70% of their original luminous flux for 50,000 hours, ensuring long lamp life. On top of these technical features, it is the aesthetics that shows off the innovation of these outdoor lighting solutions.

As for façade lighting and wall-washing effects, the best choice is Square (Disano), a simple and high-tech lighting solution with a basic style that favours the quality lighting output assured by the LED COB sources, guaranteeing perfect colour rendering (CRI 90). Materials and coatings have passed all the tests of resistance to atmospheric agents.




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