Light and food…a special relationship

Light and food…a special relationship

Lighting has a special relationship with food and affects the way we choose what we eat and how we consume it.

The arrival of LED has brought with it new studies on the effects of lighting. And there are some surprising results which concern our relationships with food. The choice of light affects the entire process by which food finds its way onto our tables, from the production phases to consumption.

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In well-lit locations we eat more healthily!

This is not a random statement, but instead the result of scientific research performed by the University of Florida. In well-lit cafes and restaurants, consumers tend to order healthier food (such as, for example, grilled fish, vegetables, white meats),whereas in less well-lit venues, the tendency is to choose foods that are less healthy, such as fried foods and desserts. To reach these conclusions, the researchers analysed the choices made by 160 diners in four different restaurant chains.

The study showed that between 16 and 24% of the consumers who attend better-lit restaurants order healthier food. Results confirmed by a similar survey carried out on 700 university students. The explanation for this behaviour is provided by Dipayan Biswas of the University of South Florida: “In a well-lit room, we pay more attention and therefore tend to make decisions that are healthier and more forward-thinking”.

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Choosing the right food thanks to light

There is another moment when we have to decide which food to put on our tables and that is when we go shopping. Here too, light plays an essential part of the process. The most important characteristic is colour: indeed, lighting determines how we perceive the colours of the foods displayed on the shelves of supermarkets and food shops.

And here too, LED technology has revolutionised the market.Today, we can find light sources specifically designed for various types of foods. The right light can highlight the freshness of meat and fish and the quality of vegetables, causing the colours to emerge. All this must take place without posing any risks for the consumer and this is why there is talk of photobiological safety. The LED used must be free from effects that can alter the quality of the foods.


Safety and efficiency in production departments

LED lighting is also presenting itself as a quality solution for the production departments of plants in the food industry. The quality of the LED sources is particularly useful in a process in which clearly identifying the colours and shapes is essential for ensuring the quality and productivity of the work. The quality of the devices used in these contexts is also extremely important. The lighting devices must be shatterproof to prevent the risk of them breaking and contaminating the food; additionally, they must be protected from humidity, drastic changes in temperature and dust.


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