Library achieves visual comfort and energy savings with LED lights

Library achieves visual comfort and energy savings with LED lights

At Settimo Milanese a lighting project made with Fosnova’s Sintesi System luminaires offers the ideal light for studying and reading while blending perfectly into very articulated spaces.

Settimo Milanese is a town of almost 20,000 in Milan’s metropolitan area. Inside a building complex, which also includes several school facilities and an auditorium, we find the “Carlo Caronni” City Library, a space for reading, studying and where a number of cultural and recreational activities take place.

The Library covers a total surface of 800 sqm of a two-floor building. In addition to the main reading hall, the building includes 100-seat rooms for studying, a space dedicated for children, as well as offices and facilities.


The lighting system

The lighting project created for the City Library of Settimo Milanese had the aim to create a comfortable and well-distributed lighting, ideal for reading and studying, while achieving the best solution for a building characterised by very articulated spaces: different heights, different levels, curved ceilings.

For the reading spaces, we chose Sintesi System (Fosnova), a LED luminaire with UGR<19 dark optics. This allowed us to achieve a uniformly distributed light, which is also visually comfortable and glare-less.

Sintesi System is installed in continuous line, in several lengths and with different power outputs to adjust to the characteristics of the spaces to be illuminated, with different volumes and different installation heights.


At the entrance of the Library we find an area with a lower ceiling where we inserted the recessed Energy (Fosnova) spotlights that allowed obtaining notable energy savings compared to the existing lights.

Lastly, in the area with the notice board we installed the Omnitrack (Fosnova) light track fitting Asso (Fosnova) spotlights, creating a particularly flexible lighting system suited for a constantly changing area.


Sintesi System (Fosnova): technical notes

Sintesi System is Fosnova’s new linear system with a sober and elegant design, available in a wide range of optics and LED modules. The system can be easily mounted as a suspension lamp for direct and/or indirect lighting, as a ceiling lamp or in continuous line, making it the most effective solution for any lighting project and for obtaining the needed level of light with an efficient use of energy.


Equipped with LED with 80% flux lumen maintenance for 50,000 hours (L80B20). Power factor: ≥0.92.

Dark light optics with double parabolic (anti-reflective and anti-glare) louvers in 99.99 high-gloss aluminium and very low luminance with PVD treatment (to optimise luminous efficiency). This product complies with EN 60598-1-CEI 34.21, with EN 60529 protection class.

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