LEDs light up the valley

LEDs light up the valley

An architectonic project to renovate the Elatech offices and manufacturing plants located in a beautiful valley near Bergamo gives new light and charm to the company’s historic headquarters. Elatech, a true technologic jewel of Italian manufacture, specialises in the research, development and production of chains in polyurethane and composite materials for industrial applications.

The restyling project for the company’s premises, assigned to the Studio Italo Rota with the contribution of Alessandro Pedretti, took into account of all the customer’s needs, combining creativity, power sustainability and attention to material quality into a single project. As usual, architects were given full freedom of expression to develop a design with a great visual impact, while following the binding instructions in terms of project and interior design.

An innovative manufacturing complex that also incorporates supplementary functions, such as areas for manufacturing processes and storage, as well as administrative and managerial offices, which are located on the upper level through three cantilevered glass structures overlooking the valley.


Even in this Studio Rota project we can perceive the close connection with users, which goes beyond the merely visual aspect, establishing a relationship of increasing sensibility between people, the environment, creativity and buildings.


The lighting project designed by Alessandro Pedretti uses Disano illuminazione fixtures, privileging basic models that merge into the architecture’s creativity without being invasive.

LISET  is an “essential” product that can also be used for interiors. It was chosen to give new light to the company’s spaces and, thanks to the innovative LED sources, they also become energy efficient.

IDRO LED High Performance, a leader in the industry drawing upon the expertise and quality made by Disano, was installed to ensure the right amount of light.

LED technology is used in lighting applications to ensure good output quality, remarkable energy savings and longer lamp life: similar features can be applied only to high level fixtures, which are also easy to install and transform. LED sources are of latest generation and the modules in which they are installed can be adjusted to optimize light and rendering when optical accessories are used.

Outdoors, Cripto,  with a flexible and light-weight body, was used on bearing structures that blend seamlessly into the architecture.


Over the years, Studio Rota and Alessandro Pedretti have worked together on a number of projects: art installations, displays, events, lighting scenes, temporary structures and especially projects for public spaces and architectures in Italy and in the world.

These works blur the boundaries between architecture and art and create multi-dimensional impressions, movements, colours and blending spaces, turning them into extraordinary spectacles.
Elatech industrial plant
Brembilla (Bergamo, Italy)
Commissioner: Sit Immobiliare
Covered surface: 5810 sqm.
Architectonic project:  Italo Rota with the collaboration of Alessandro Pedretti
Lighting design: Alessandro Pedretti
Fixtures: Liset, Cripto, Idro
Photos : Mattia Balsamini


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