LED lights for skin rejuvenation!

LED lights for skin rejuvenation!

Today we are going to reveal how LEDs can improve your looks, making your skin appear younger and firmer. LED therapy biostimulation is a new methodology that gives your skin – of both face and body – more tone and elasticity, and can help get rid of wrinkles!

According to online data published by established medical clinics, it is safe to say that unlike laser, pulsed-light or radiofrequency techniques, LED emits very low-intensity, non-thermal and non-ablative light energy. This is why it is being used in medical and aesthetic treatments.

LED boosts the production of collagen and elastin, offering a number of therapeutic solutions: from the treatment of wounds or skin ulcers, to photorejuvenation and the immunological stimulation of the skin.

Why is LED so effective for skin rejuvenation?

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The answer lies in the fact that light-emitting diodes (LED) are devices that can exploit the optical properties of certain materials to produce photons, the fundamental particles of light. In the case of photobiostimulation, super powerful red LEDs are used, with a 633nm wavelength and specific intensities, to provide energy and stimulate skin cells. It is a cold and ‘clean’ light that does not have the negative effects of ‘normal’ light, so it will not damage the skin, like ultraviolet or infrared light.

Doctor Patrizia Gilardino, an aesthetic surgeon in Milan explains: “It is a valid alternative to radiofrequency that has no side effects or complications”.

As for the specific effects of light on the skin, experts explain that “LEDs emit light at specific wavelengths: based on the chosen wavelength, different effects are obtained.

  • RED LIGHT is the closest to infrared (white) light and can activate cells, stimulating ATP and DNA, regenerating collage and elastin and anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema properties; this will improve skin texture and tone.
  • BLUE LIGHT is ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, stress-induced cellulite and couperose. Furthermore, it can effectively fight acne bacteria, affecting many young people.



Thanks to the revolutionary LED technology, anyone can improve their looks. To this end, it is important that LED products are certified and tested by authoritative entities.

So far, LEDs for aesthetic use are applied only through lamps. Today, with the advent of new machinery, producers can provide LED switches to select either red or white LED and use it on our skin, increasing the benefits compared to traditional LEDs.

Furthermore, LEDs can help the absorption of hyaluronic acid solutions or gels to help heal scars, further strengthening its beneficial effects.

These extraordinary results demonstrate the ability of LED to interfere with the biological tissue. But, in addition to its therapeutic applications, we must not forget the possible risks for our skin and eyes deriving from the exposure to LED light.

For these reasons Disano has decided to certify all its LED products against photobiological risks. The LED sources used by Disano are classified RG0 (no risks).

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  • On July 20, 2016


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