LED lighting on show

LED lighting on show

Lights have always played an essential role in shows. LED technology can give its contribution to the development of new sensations. One of the most recent and evident examples of this is the Tree of Life, the symbol installation of Milan Expo 2015. The show of light and music offered by the structure created by Marco Balich attracted million of spectators. And its success goes on: from July 1st, in fact, the Tree of Life has reopened and will display a series of ‘day fountain shows’ with plays of water and music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

LEDs are the absolute protagonists of the Tree’s lighting. For the corridor lights at the entrance, some thirty 3 W LED step lights with a colour temperature of 3000 K were used. The perimeter of the platform features twenty-two 6 W LED spotlights. Other LED spotlights are installed in the technical room, while accent lights are mounted along the vertical structure.


The innovation of these installations is the close connection between music, image and plays of light. It is a technological revolution in the relationship between lights and music, typical of big concerts (like the legendary Pink Floyd shows). Today they are used precisely for this purpose, and light is used to combine music and images. However, it is important to choose the right products with compact dimensions and reduced consumption along with high performance flexibility, light colours and the possibility to adjust movement and speed, plus instant on/off times in order to best control each single moment of the show.

A recent example of the perfect combination between LED and music is the concert by Stefano Bollani held last May 19th at Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi in Turin, Italy. During the solo-piano show, produced by Reverse and Teatro Superga, lighting played a fundamental role. The goal was to create an architectural lighting that was not intrusive and that could provide the audience with an immersive experience, without distracting from the artist’s performance. Lighting concerned the central part of the building and its central hall and was created with a set of 4 LED spotlights in a single lens. Thanks to the linear dimming feature and the opportunity to obtain an endless pallet of colours, lights were perfectly integrated into Bollani’s music, and the stage was illuminated with spotlights capable of offering Beam, Spot and Wash functions.


Besides these great professional uses, some enjoyable effects with LEDs can also be obtained with our home stereo. Go to Youtube and digit something like “led lights and music”. You’ll find several tutorials with the instructions on how to build simple DIY lighting sceneries. Of course, they are mostly amateurs, but it could be an inspiration for becoming a real pro…

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  • On August 9, 2016