LED lighting for the Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa

LED lighting for the Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Genoa

  • The historical stadium situated in Marassi has renovated its lighting system with a new LED system.
  • The system has 240 Disano Forum LED floodlights, taking the benefits of LED lighting into big stadiums.
  • An environmentally friendly solution to ensure energy efficiency and made in Italy quality.

marassi storiaThe Luigi Ferraris stadium in Genoa is one of the sporting facilities that made the history of Italian football. Inaugurated in 1911 in the neighbourhood of Marassi, it was renamed in 1933 after Luigi Ferraris, an Italian footballer who died during the First World War. Today, it is Italy’s oldest football stadium still in use.

Over the years, it underwent several extension and renovation works, allowing the facility to seat up to 60,000 spectators. In 1990, during the FIFA World Cup disputed in Italy, the stadium was completely rebuilt according to the design of architect Vittorio Gregotti.

The Ferraris stadium is an English-style stadium with the stands very close to the pitch and a capacity of 38,000 spectators.

In 2016 the municipal administration of Genoa entrusted the stadium to the Luigi Ferraris srl company founded by the city’s home football clubs, the Genoa C.F.C. and the U.C. Sampdoria.

The new administration launched a restyling project, worth € 45 million, to be completed over the next three years. The project includes the creation of a “sky box” with luxury lobbies for companies and sponsors, new locker rooms, a congress centre, several entertainment areas, restaurants and stores.

The new LED lighting system

marassi nottePart of the stadium’s restyling also included the upgrading of the lighting system with the provision of environmentally friendly LED floodlights to ensure high energy efficiency and construction excellence.

This is why the buyer selected Forum LED (Disano illuminazione) taking the quality of LED lighting into sporting facilities.

In addition to notable energy savings, perfect light stability and high colour rendering, the new lighting system will also ensure excellent HD TV broadcasting and maximum visual comfort for athletes and viewers.

The new lighting system installed in the Luigi Ferraris stadium includes 240 1392W Forum LED floodlights with 3 different optics, which will replace 368 old generation 2000W floodlights.

The new floodlights are equipped with a DMX driver and a central console. The DMX (Digital multiplex) protocol is the most common digital system used for the control of lights during shows and sporting events. The whole system is controlled from a central console that allows setting different lighting scenarios and creating spectacular light plays.

Forum LED (Disano illuminazione)

Forum LED is a high quality floodlight used in the lighting of indoor and outdoor sporting centres in many countries around the world. Forum floodlights have been used in large events such as the Olympic Games and during World Championships. The LED version of Forum is a product with a very high technological value, designed and built in a particularly wide range of models.

Thanks to its modular configuration (with one, two or three modules), it allows creating customized lighting to meet any need.

In addition to sporting facilities of any dimension, Forum LED is used to illuminate the exteriors of buildings (with practical and scenic effects), the outdoors of large infrastructure (stations, ports and airports), parking spaces and industrial areas, also thanks to the reliability of robust materials and the high level of protection against weather agents.


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