Italy’s market of LED and smart lighting is expected to grow dramatically

Italy’s market of LED and smart lighting is expected to grow dramatically

The market of LED and smart lighting systems in Italy is expected to grow at a double-digit rate until 2020. This is the scenario depicted in the “Efficient & smart lighting report”, presented by researchers of the Politecnico di Milano at the Campus Bovisa yesterday. In figures, this means that the LED market in Italy is set to increase from a value worth 900 million in 2015 to over 1.5 billion in 2020, in addition to the 140 million in smart lighting solutions.

The researchers of Milan’s Polytechnic University worked in collaboration with trade associations to examine the spreading of LED sources and of smart lighting solutions in Italy in the residential, industrial/tertiary and public lighting sectors. Results have shown that LED technology still has a low degree of penetration in Italy, though showing future growth potential. According to the report, the average penetration of LED sources and smart control systems is set to grow from 8% to 42% by 2020.

The graph below shows Italy’s current market. Stores (tertiary sector) are characterised by a diffusion of lower quality LED sources with a greater penetration of smart solutions. Rates are even lower in the industrial sector, unlike in offices where LEDs and smart lighting solutions are very popular. But the greatest market share was found in the residential sector, mostly due to the widespread presence of LED lamps.


Let us now take a closer look of what awaits Italy’s lighting market in 2020. Most likely there will be 400 million LED sources in Italian households. In the industrial/tertiary sector, the market should grow by 80% compared to 2015, with a rate of installed LEDs that should cover 20% of Italian manufacturing plants. As for public lighting, in 2020, LED street lights should reach the figure of 3.5 million. This could result in overall energy savings of 10.8 TWh every year, representing 5% of total consumptions.


Smart lighting is more widespread in offices

Not only more efficient, but also smarter: the market of LED sources grows parallel with the so-called “smart lighting” market, i.e. lighting systems equipped with smart control and management devices, which include a broad sector ranging from domotics to presence sensors and smart city service infrastructure.

According to the Politecnico report, over 680,000 households in Italy will include smart lighting technology (nearly 2.7% of the total) in 2020. A significant growth compared to 2015 when the households with smart lights were only 180,000 (0.7% of the total).

As for the industrial sector, in 2020, smart technologies will be installed in 20,000 small businesses, 770 medium enterprises and 150 big companies. In total, less than 20% of Italy’s industry. A greater diffusion of this technology is expected in the commercial sector and in offices. As for the public lighting sector, street lights with smart technology will reach 8% against 3% in 2015.


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