Indoor stadiums in Ljubljana choose Forum LED

Indoor stadiums in Ljubljana choose Forum LED

  • New LED lights were installed in two important venues for sports and entertainment in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • With Forum LED by Disano the goals of higher energy efficiency and lighting quality were achieved successfully

Close to the centre of Ljubljana is the Tivoli Park, a very popular green area created in early 1800. And on the edge of the park stands the Tivoli Hall (Hala Tivoli in Slovenian), a very important venue for Slovenian sports and entertainment, inaugurated back in 1965.

In this arena, the Yugoslav national team won the golden medal in the Basketball World Championship, beating the United States in a historic match held on 23 May 1970. The arena, which hosts many other international sport competitions, was built in the 1960s based on a design by the architects Marjan Božič and Stanko Bloudek (1890-1959), also famous for designing the first Planica ski jumping table.

Thanks to the several restyling and extension projects that took place over the course of the years, the Tivoli Hall became a modern multi-purpose system that can host matches of several different sports disciplines. The facility has two indoor arenas, one for ice hockey with 4,000 seats, and the other with a field to host basketball, volleyball and handball games, with a capacity of 5,600. The Tivoli Hall hosts national and international competitions, in both hockey and basket world championships.

Last but not least, the Tivoli Hall is also the venue of important music concerts. Inaugurated in the 1960s by a famous concert by Louis Armstrong, the arena hosted the shows of many international stars of the calibre of Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Sting.


New lighting project

For such an important venue, an energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting system using the best technology available represented a form of prestige to strengthen the image of a cutting-edge structure.

For the new lighting system of the Tivoli Hall, designers used Forum LED, the floodlights by Disano that provide great sports facilities with all the quality and the efficiency of the LED technology.

In detail, the hockey rink in the Tivoli Hall is now illuminated with 76 Forum LED floodlights (Disano), in the variant with two asymmetric LED modules and 68 Forum LED floodlights (Disano) with one symmetric LED module. For the arena used for basketball, volleyball or handball, designers chose 36 Forum LED floodlights (Disano), with two asymmetric modules and 20 Forum LED floodlights (Disano) with one symmetric module.


In addition to high quality light (colour temperature of 5700 K and CRI 90), floodlights are equipped with DALI drivers to perfectly control lights and a remote control system to monitor energy consumptions, to automatically control the system’s status, and to manage alarms and new lighting setups.


Energy saving is one of the strengths of the upgraded project designed to meet ESCO goals (Resaltad.o.o. of Ljubljana). The project was preceded by a series of photometric tests and consumption calculations. The final system was built according to photometric simulations and DALI control configurations supplied by Disano illuminazione spa, Adria, Slovenia.

The same Forum LED floodlights and guidelines were also used to relamp another important venue in Ljubljana: the indoor stadium of Kodeljevo Park, a complex also built in the 1960s in another green part of the city.


For the new lighting system of this arena, designers installed totally 72 Forum LED floodlights (Disano) with two modules and 61 Forum LED floodlights (Disano) with one module.


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