Human Centric Lighting. Introduction

Human Centric Lighting. Introduction

There is increasing talk around Human Centric Lighting, a new approach to designing lighting projects using LED technology to make our environments healthier and more pleasant. It is a trend that is influencing crucial sectors of the market, such as the lighting of industrial plants, offices, schools and hospitals. What are the basic concepts behind HCL? How can it be applied in practice? What are the best lighting fixtures to be used? To answer these questions, we have made a publication that will summarize the principles of HCL, its applications and the Disano products that have the ideal characteristics required to support this design approach.

Human Centric Lighting/1. what is it and how can we achieve it?

Human Centric Lighting/2. HCL in the workplace

Human Centric Lighting/3. HCL in learning institutions

Human Centric Lighting/4. HCL in industrial plants

Human Centric Lighting/5. HCL in healthcare facilities


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  • On August 5, 2019