First UL Verified Low Optical Flicker Mark issued to Disano illuminazione

First UL Verified Low Optical Flicker Mark issued to Disano illuminazione

Optical flicker is the impression of luminous flux instability that is present in nearly all sources of light. Beyond a certain threshold, optical flicker can compromise visual comfort and, in particularly sensible people, it can provoke adverse and harmful effects.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent global safety science organization, recently launched a specific service to assess the level of flicker by certifying companies with a “Low Optical Flicker” mark.

The first certification in Italy was officially awarded by Roberto Inclinati, global business development manager at UL’s lighting division, to Patrizia Disano, CEO of Disano illuminazione Spa, during the latest edition of the Light+Building fair in Frankfurt.

Roberto Inclinati explains: “At present, there is no international standard that assesses this specific phenomenon. Standardisation groups are currently working on it, but it will take some time. In the meanwhile, we asked several companies to test their products and Disano joined the initiative. The purpose is to give companies the possibility to allow an independent third party to assess the quality of their marketing claims in terms of perceived optical flicker.”

The certification issued by a third party like UL allows Disano to guarantee the quality of its products even in terms of flickering.

Patrizia Disano declared: “Our company always puts product quality at first place. Today, the evolution of light sources has led to a new concept of lighting quality that should also consider the effects of lighting on health and visual comfort. Flicker can affect both of these factors and this is why we are investing in Research & Development to manufacture products with flicker below the risk threshold. It is important for us manufacturers and for buyers that this value is tested and certified by a global body like UL. We therefore believe that the new “Low Optical Flicker” mark is an important initiative, which is useful for our market and we are pleased to put Disano products to the first tests.”

The low level of flicker is a particularly important requirement for industrial lighting systems, where the stability of lights increases the security and protects workers’ safety; the same can be said for the lights in offices and classrooms where quality lighting increases concentration and productivity. Last, but not least, we should not forget the importance of lighting stability for clear videos and photos.

In the photo. Patrizia Disano (CEO of Disano illuminazione Spa) receives the first Low Optical Flicker mark from Roberto Inclinati (Global business development manager at UL’s lighting division) at Light+Building 2016.

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  • On May 19, 2016