Feeling S.A.D.? LED lights can help you feel better!

Feeling S.A.D.? LED lights can help you feel better!

Also known as the Autumn Syndrome, S.A.D., which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a syndrome classified among the mood disorders that kicks in when autumn arrives and especially when we revert our clocks one hour back.

Symptoms include feeling tired and having problems concentrating, as well as not feeling hungry (or binge eating) and having sleeping disorders.

And it’s not a rare condition. According to the latest figures, in Italy alone, over 3 million people suffer from S.A.D..

What is the cause of S.A.D.? The answer is the reduction of daylight hours which interferes with our so-called circadian rhythm. The alternation of light and dark throughout the day, in fact, affects the way our body works and the occurrence of an abrupt change, like when we revert our clocks one hour back, forces our body to find a new balance.

How can we recover this inner balance? To make up for the lack of natural light, we must use artificial light. It is not by chance that we speak of “light therapy”, namely a therapy that includes the exposure to artificial light to mitigate the symptoms of S.A.D. and other mood disorders, like, for example, depression.



Leaving aside pathological cases, during our everyday life at the office, school or in industrial plants, artificial light can help us feel better, give us more energy and improve our mood during the autumn.

In particular, new LED lighting systems are capable of emitting a high-quality light that can be adjusted to the Human Centric Lighting criteria to improve people’s wellbeing. Let’s take a look at some practicable examples.


At the office

In order to use lighting to increase our concentration and improve our mood, we must install high-quality LED panels onto the ceilings that can evenly distribute light, without causing glare and flickering, thereby creating a well-illuminated and comfortable environment.

Moreover, it is possible to add a LED dimmer to switch from colder lights, which are capable of stimulating attention, to warmer lights that will favour relaxation when the work day is ending.

panel ibis

Disano’s LED Panel has the technical and design features to meet these needs and distinguishes itself for the quality of materials, which allow maintaining the best performance over time.

The highest visual comfort can also be obtained with a soft light emitted by Disano’s Ibis lamp. The reflector in high performance matt aluminium allows controlling light with the dimming function.



In the industry

Light quantity and quality can be greatly improved also in manufacturing plants by switching from the old systems to the new, more performing LED high-bays. In addition to saving energy, with a notable ecological contribution to the environment, LED light with high colour rendering makes the workplace safer and boosts productivity. A good help to overcome autumn sadness!

astro saturno

Disano’s Astro and Saturno LED are the ideal solutions to get these advantages. Extremely versatile, they can replace old fixtures with great energy savings. They have LED lights with very high colour rendering and are equipped with the most advanced lighting control and management systems.


At school

For students, getting up on autumn and winter mornings can be particularly hard. So, being able to sit into well-illuminated classrooms is surely the best way to concentrate and perform well.

With Fosnova’s ECO Pannello it is possible to have the lighting quality needed, and ensure the highest protection for students’ eyes and health, thanks to the absence of electromagnetic emissions and RF interferences. No risks for the environment due to the absence of materials containing mercury or lead.

ecopannello rodi

Disano’s Rodi, in the backlight version, is an innovative way to light up spaces, with a high lighting level and a diffused luminous emission, while maintaining energy consumptions extremely low.



In hospitals

The lack of daylight can be a problem for patients faced with a long therapy or rehab programme, and also for the staff who must work for long and exhausting shifts. In this context, a lighting system designed according to the Human Centric Lighting criteria can be of great help.


Disano’s Ermetica LED is the ideal product to have the quality and the quantity of necessary light, and it is also available in a special version for aseptic environments. The dark light optics protect from glare for maximum visual comfort.


So, while we wait for summer, new lighting technologies and quality luminaires are the best ways to feel good and happy during the autumn and winter weather.

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