How does the LED design process work today?

How does the LED design process work today?

Today, designing with LED is a process that can rely on a wealth of experience and considerations of those in the know, especially when, as in this project, the companies taking part are manufacturers like Disano, with a strong specialisation in LED products and a host of research under its belt, and Dartel Electricidad, a company from Chile, which has been distributing and selling electrical products for approximately 50 years, working in close contact with its customers.

When conceiving a lighting design, it is important to consider several essential factors and work with producers and fitters to ensure that the designed product offers the very best results, in terms of both performance and also energy saving, a factor that is just as important.

This important project has considered a whole series of components in order to create the lighting design system of the new logistic headquarters of the industry. The building will house offices and warehouses, and so areas with different functions requiring various components capable of lighting the environments in different ways.

To meet the proposed objectives, the design considered a series of unique elements, creating lighting that could be considered efficient from all viewpoints, thanks to the high standards of the devices used.

Design Focus:

  • high quality of the technological component
  • light efficiency
  • modern design
  • unique technical advantages of the LED sources
  • presentation skills
  • quality guarantee
  • operating and financial support


All these specifications led to the selection of several Disano products: Astro LED, Riquadro, Liset, LED Panel, Energy LED, Torcia LED, Cripto LED, Ghost LED, which indeed stand out for their top quality characteristics.

The LED sources of all these products are fruit of the most advanced research and offer an excellent colour rendering index (CRI 80) as well as hefty energy savings. But that’s not all. All the devices are characterised by a low optical flicker: the flicker effect, extremely damaging to the human eye, is certified as well below the risk threshold, so guaranteeing safety and visual wellbeing to those who work in those environments and conveying a pleasant sensation to all the customers and guests who will spend time in the areas of the new Dartel Electricidad.



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