Disano’s lights illuminate Italy’s win in the Snowboard World Cup at Cortina

Disano’s lights illuminate Italy’s win in the Snowboard World Cup at Cortina

  • Roland Fischnaller, the Italian veteran snowboard champion, won the parallel giant slalom in the race for the World Cup.
  • The spectacular evening descent took place on the Faloria slope illuminated by Disano’s Forum lights.

photo by Giuseppe Ghedina, Roby Bragotto

Roland Fischnaller, one of the most representative athletes of Italian snowboarding, won the parallel giant slalom in Cortina, in the second event of the 2018-2019 World Cup. The number of wins in the World Cup collected by the Italian athlete goes to 15.

The woman’s parallel slalom was won by the Olympic champion Ester Ledecka, who confirmed herself as one of the world’s best athletes in the discipline.

The spectacular evening parallel giant races were the last of an intense weekend of competitions held in Cortina, which included the participation of 150 athletes from 20 nations.

The competitions took place on the Faloria ski track illuminated by the Forum floodlights supplied by Disano, the event’s main technical sponsor.

The perfect illumination of the track created the ideal scenario for exciting parallel giant challenges. A global sport spectacle set in the amazing natural scenery of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

In addition to the many years of partnership with the Cortina Snowboard Club, chaired by Denis Constantini, Disano supports other sports events held in Cortina, which was recently submitted as a possible candidate to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Disano, in fact, is among the sponsors of the ice hockey and curling competitions and is collaborating to the creation of new ski slopes and the extension of existing ones for alpine skiing competitions.

“I’m very satisfied with this fourth edition of the World Cup – says Denis Constantini, president of the Cortina Snowboard Club – we have made considerable progress at both the technical and organizational levels.”

Apart from its many years of sponsorship with the Snowboard Club, Disano supports Cortina’s winter sports events with many other initiatives, including the participation to the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championship and its application as host city – together with Milan – of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Disano is also a sponsor of Cortina’s ice hockey and curling teams and is collaborating to the extension and construction of new alpine ski race tracks.

The lighting system along the Faloria slope is only one of the outdoor and indoor sporting facilities illuminated by Disano that hosts international competitions. The floodlights supplied by the Milan-based company were used in several Olympic events and World Championships (such as Athens 2004, Turin 2006 Winter Olympics, Sochi 2014 and the Baku 2015 European Games, as well as the stadiums hosting the matches of the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup) and continue to collect successes at the international level. High-quality, made-in-Italy luminaires designed for stadiums and arenas all around the world.

The feather in the cap of Disano’s range of sports lights is Forum LED, the modular floodlight that has brought the LED technology into great stadiums. The product offers an eco-friendly and quality solution that guarantees the highest level of lighting for high-definition television broadcasting with maximum energy efficiency.

The lights installed in the Faloria Ski Area: technical data

The nearly 350-metre-long Faloria track is illuminated by a permanent lighting system made up of 128 2000 W Forum (Disano) lights distributed along 16 posts, which are 13 metres tall, lining both sides of the track. Each post mounts 4 Forum floodlights, with an output of 2000 W, and wide and medium beam distributions. The system is compliant with the requirements of the FIS (International Skiing Federation) and ensures lighting levels of 1000 to 1400 lux for HD televised events.

The track of this year’s races was extended and the lighting was further enhanced with an additional 54 2000 W Forum (Disano) floodlights, positioned to increase visibility for the athletes, the audience attending the races and the viewers watching the events on TV.Disano03Foto_Giuseppe_Ghedina

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