Disano lights up Cortina’s Olympic dream

Disano lights up Cortina’s Olympic dream

With the 2021 Alpine World Ski Championship and the 2026 Winter Olympics approaching, Cortina d’Ampezzo is once again put under the international spotlight of winter sports.

Disano consolidates its partnership with Cortina through sponsorships and high-profile lighting fixtures.


The Queen of the Dolomites is once again the protagonist on the international scene of winter sports. The Milan-Cortina application to host the 2026 Winter Olympics is making fans look back to the glorious days of the 1956 Olympics that launched Cortina as one of the most exclusive mountain tourist destinations in the world.

But as we wait for the Olympic Committee to decide which city will host the Games, Cortina d’Ampezzo is already the designated venue for the 2012 Alpine World Ski Championship. Eleven days of competitions including the participation of 600 athletes from 70 countries.

During the event’s presentation, Alessandro Benetton, president of the Cortina Foundation 2021, announced the plan for creating new ski tracks and extending the existing ones. In the meantime, during the four years before the Olympics, Cortina will host totally 28 international ski races. A rich calendar full of sports events that will begin with the women’s alpine skiing World Cup on the 20th and 21st January, 2019.

To prepare for these important competitions, Cortina is working on the development of indoor slopes and facilities. Disano illuminazione is an important technological partner to ensure the technical quality and the spectacle of the races.

Apart from its many years of Snowboard World sponsorships, the lights supplied by Disano can be found in some of the most important tracks of the skiing compound and in indoor arenas hosting hockey and curling competitions.


Ski tracks: technical support and lighting setups

Disano supplies its spotlights to many different ski tracks in Cortina. From the historic tracks to the new routes in view of the World Champions and the Olympics, lighting plays a special role in ski competitions and contributes to the creation of amazing night-time races.

One of the most significant new projects developed by Disano is its collaboration with the new Vertigine track set to be finished just in time for the 2021 World Championship. This slope will host the men’s descents, the giant slaloms and the super giant races.


Snowboard: the Snowboard Cup illuminated by Disano

The Faloria track, where the Snowboard World Cup takes place, is illuminated with Disano spotlights. For the fourth consecutive year, Disano will be the main sponsor of the event organized by the Snowboard Club Cortina, headed by Denis Constantini. It is a consolidated partnership that guarantees a great viewing of the night-time parallel slalom.

The Faloria track, which is 350 metres long, is illuminated with a permanent lighting fitting 128 2000 W Forum (Disano) distributed along the system made up of 16 posts, 13 metres tall on both sides. Each post mounts 4 2000W Forum spotlights with narrow and medium beam. The lighting system is FIS-compliant (certified by the International Ski Federation) and ensures lighting levels ranging from 1000 to 1400 lux, perfect for HD TV events.

The track for this year’s races was extended and the lighting system has been enhanced with 54 2000 W Forum (Disano), positioned to guarantee perfect viewing for athletes and viewers who are watching the live events from their televisions.


Hockey and curling: tradition and new technology

Disano is at the forefront even for winter sports at Cortina. As for ice hockey, Disano is the sponsor of the home team (S.G. Cortina), one of the oldest and most awarded teams in Italy.


Last but not least, there is curling, a discipline that has important roots in Cortina. According to the Milan-Cortina application the races in this sport will be held in Cortina.

“The Winter Olympics are an important opportunity for us – explains Alessandro Zisa of Curling Dolomiti Disano– if we are chosen as the host city, there could be enormous advantages for the sport and big investments also for the facilities. Everything is done by respecting the environment and without completely chancing the image of Cortina. With Milan, we also signed a roadmap with the rules to ensure the highest level of environmental protection”.

As for curling, Cortina is one of the most important centres in Italy, explains Zisa: “We work especially for the future, by involving young people aged between 10 and 21 years old, and we go to schools to promote the sport. We are backed by Federghiaccio, the Region of Veneto and the Municipality of Cortina, because local institutions believe in the sport’s educational value. We are very grateful to Disano who has given us a hand in lighting up the training field where many young athletes practice every day”.


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