Disano illuminazione celebrates Ester Ledecka

Disano illuminazione celebrates Ester Ledecka

A genuine sporting endeavour and a record in the history of the Winter Games took the world’s press completely by surprise. Ester Ledecka, already two-time snowboard World Champion, won a gold medal in two different disciplines, the Alpine Skiing Super-G and the Snowboard Parallel Slalom, during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Winning two gold medals in two distinct disciplines is almost impossible, but the twenty-two-year-old athlete from Prague took everyone by surprise and managed to beat the world’s most expert skiers.

Ester Ledecka had already triumphed in the two Parallel Slalom competitions of the Snowboard World Cup at Cortina d’Ampezzo in 2016 and in 2017.
The Cortina Snowboard World Cup, and in particular the Parallel Slalom held in the evening, took place on the Faloria ski track, illuminated by a row of lighting fixtures supplied by Disano illuminazione, the event’s main technical partner. The Faloria ski slope is about 350 metres long and features a permanent lighting system made up of 128 Forum (Disano) floodlights emitting 2000 W each. The installation is compliant with FIS (International Ski Federation) requirements and ensures luminance levels between 1000 and 1400 lux for high-resolution TV broadcasting applications.


Disano is also amongst the sponsors of the Cortina ice hockey team, one of the oldest and most titled hockey teams in Italy, and boasts an extensive expertise in the sport lighting sector.

The floodlights designed and manufactured by Disano have been used in other major international competitions, like the Baku European Games and the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 and Turin 2006, due to their compliance with the requirements of global sport authorities, including the Olympic Committee.

Disano’s fixtures are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of winter sports, allowing the company to draw on its vast experience in the design of sport lighting products to light up a number of facilities, including ski slopes, ice rinks and ski jumping ramps.

Disano, main sponsor of the Cortina Snowboard World Cup, is proud to have been able to contribute to the birth of a new star.

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