Disano announces the release of its new High Performance LED catalogue

Disano announces the release of its new High Performance LED catalogue

LED lighting plays a crucial role in implementing green infrastructure. LEDs, in fact, save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and improve lighting quality. The new LED sources and lighting control technologies make cities safer and more enjoyable; they improve workplace safety and productivity and also make the places where we study, work and heal healthier.

Disano illuminazione is the Italian company with the widest range of LED products for all applications.

The lighting quality offered by Disano is guaranteed by its expertise in the design of optical systems for improved visual performance, including quality materials to ensure longer system life, while the new technologies allow integrating lights into smart systems.

The technologies used to manage and control lights are becoming increasingly popular in street lighting and urban decor applications. In Disano’s new LED High Performance catalogue you will find products such as SELLA, now available with devices such as the Virtual Midnight that automatically dims lights during the central hours of the night and a remote control (PLC or Wi-Fi) device for the point-to-point management and diagnosis of the whole infrastructure, as well as new interconnection technologies such as the Nema Socket and the Zhaga Socket.

Many new features for all applications.

Schermata 2019-10-18 alle 09.42.48In addition to integrating smart technology, the SELLA and GARDA fixtures for urban decor, also offer the possibility to choose different LED colours (2200-3000-4000K) to obtain the best light effect for each different context, including busy streets, cycle lanes and historical centres.

The most updated technological solutions are characterised by airtight fixtures, such as the high-definition OTTIMA LED with a diffuser designed to allow the best distribution of light. Easy to install, it is equipped with remote control systems, representing a perfect relamping solution (with one fit-all measure of 1500 mm it can replace all 58W lamps).

Another key product in this sector is ECHO LED, designed to save energy, while improving the quality of the light, with minimal environmental impact. In the new high-efficiency version, ECHO LED HE, it can replace old fluorescent lamps saving up to 60% of energy.

Disano’s new catalogue also contains a wider range of floodlights, such as the ones from the RODIO family, offering a very broad choice of dimensions and powers, ideal to illuminate façades and integrate street lights. It is also suited for use in sports facilities, residential buildings and, in general, all outdoor lighting applications. You can also choose versions with lenses and with LED COB sources to improve lighting performance. All models offer very high lighting quality with excellent colour rendering.

New models have also been added to the families of ASTRA LED and SATURNO LED downlights used for industrial lighting applications. In the HT (high temperature) versions, they can be used even under extreme environmental conditions.

For sports lighting, there is FORUM LED, the modular floodlight (with one, two or three modules), which is also used in big stadiums. In its new version, FORUM LED HE, it ensures the best performance for the lighting of large squares or non-professional sports centres.

In supermarkets and retailing spaces, TECHNO SYSTEM LED is the most complete lighting system for commercial spaces, now available with models and new technological updates that further improve its performance and versatility.

New among the products for interiors is HEALTH, the spotlight designed for aseptic environments and for clinical use. The healthcare sector is one of the sectors where LED sources are being used in the Human Centric Lighting that puts people’s health and well-being at the centre of the lighting project. This new approach to lighting design is also widely being used in offices and lecture rooms, with products taken from Disano’s catalogue, like LED PANEL, the lighting panel built with the best materials to ensure long life; and COMFORT PANEL LED, also in the Tunable White version for a better modulation of light.

Lastly, Disano’s new LED High Performance catalogue also contains fixtures for residential applications (indoors and outdoors), which are robust and reliable and feature a modern and stylish design.


The Disano LED High Performance catalogue is available in printed version, and can be downloaded as a pdf/zip file or viewed online and via a dedicated app for tablets and smartphones. It features search tools to quickly find the desired product with all the technical specifications. A set of advanced filters allows selecting products according to application and key specifications, such as the degree of protection, quality certificates, etc. The advanced search also allows searching for details such as dimensions, cabling and power values. Lastly, the download option allows having the technical data, photometric curves and 3D models directly on your computer for a complete and efficient lighting project.

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