Classic style LED lamps for the town square of Locate di Triulzi

Classic style LED lamps for the town square of Locate di Triulzi

New LED street lamps were recently installed in the public area in front of the Church of San Vittore in Locate di Triulzi, Italy. A new lighting installation in a town’s central square is always very important. The typical Italian town squares determine the identity of the town itself and become part of the soul and heart of its community. The lighting fixtures to decorate urban areas must guarantee the performance levels promised by new generation lighting systems and blend in seamlessly with surroundings, while respecting local traditions.



For the square of Locate di Triulzi the choice fell upon Lucerna, the street lamp in classic style manufactured by Disano illuminazione. With the new fixtures, the lighting system was renovated to include the most advanced lighting technology without clashing with the aesthetics of an historical square. Lucerna is particularly valued for its design that interprets traditional forms in a modern way and allows the installation of poles of different styles; the lamp, too, is available in two versions, square or round, to match different kinds of poles.

The lighting source is fitted at the top of the lamp so that light is beamed downwards and reflected by the parabola that directs light without dispersions in compliance with the most recent lighting pollution standards. In this LED version, energy savings are up to 60%.



Locate di Triulzi is a town bordering the city of Milan, situated in one of the most important green belts of the area, Parco Agricolo Sud.

The past and present of Locate are celebrated by two landmarks, Palazzo Trivulzio Belgiojoso, the ancient residence of Princess Cristina di Belgiojoso, a noblewoman from one the most important families of Lombardy, and Scalo Milano, the new shopping mall covering an area of 60,000 square meters dedicated to the most famous fashion brands in the world.

Cristina Trivulzio Belgiojoso was a heroine of the Italian Risorgimento who played a prominent part in Italy’s struggle for independence, and is remembered for her efforts to help women and poor people. After recent renovation works, her residence was returned to its ancient splendour also thanks to a lighting system developed by Disano illuminazione.

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