At San Severo lighting respects the environment and plants

At San Severo lighting respects the environment and plants

The “Baden Powell” town park of San Severo (Foggia, Italy) was the result of the reclamation of a very vast area on the outskirts of a densely populated city with an urgent need for relaxation and socialization areas. This part of the town was used for the illegal dumping of construction and excavation material. The land was built at a higher level than the previous plot and included the creation of routes of different levels. The park was equipped with playgrounds and sport equipment. A circular paved square area was created with large blocks of ‘rough’ stones and a ‘stone fence’ constituting of a continuous sloping wall made of blocks of Apricena stones placed next to each other and laid on the ground at variable slopes. Works included the planting of numerous type of trees and local species and the creation of lawns.


The lighting of the park was designed taking into account of the project’s specificities in terms of urban park lighting to achieve two main goals: functionality and sustainability.

As for functionality: the entire main route is perfectly illuminated, so that the park can be enjoyed safely and all sport equipment can be used easily even during the evenings. At the same time, the relaxation areas with the benches and tables and some sections of the secondary routes were well illuminated, while a softer light was used for the other green areas for reasons of sustainability. The system is not only energy efficient – a goal already achieved with the adoption of an environmentally friendly LED fixture of the Mini Stelvio series from Disano that offers low consumption – but it puts the wellbeing of plants first, becoming a truly “natural” system. Moreover, after a certain hour, half the lights will turn off to ensure levels of luminance that minimize disturbance to the green areas, while ensuring remarkable energy savings.

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  • On May 19, 2016