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The world of LED just one mouse click away

Disano Led Technology is the new blog created by a leading Italian company committed to the technological and manufacturing challenge of the lighting world. The space is constantly updated with innovative products and the many topics relating to the new lighting technology.

Energy savings, environmental sustainability and innovation. LED technology is becoming an essential part of our lives entering our offices, manufacturing plants and public streets, rapidly turning our city into a smart city. Disano Led Technology will follow and document these changes in real-time.

Quality lighting also means healthy work spaces, better productivity, visual comfort and psychological wellbeing. Disano Led Technology will help you discover all the advantages of this technological breakthrough with examples of projects from all over the world, news and insights.

A journey into a LED illuminated world at web speed.


Alessandro Visca

I am a journalist with a special interest in new technologies and their impacts on the economy and the environment. I consider lighting as...

Chiara Bellocchio
Web content editor

I create innovative content for the web by interpreting lighting projects and environmentally friendly trends.

Fabio Ugazio
Marketing and communication

I handle marketing and communication for Disano and I consider this new medium as an important opportunity to share information and views about the...