2018 BMX World Championship illuminated by Disano’s Forum floodlights

2018 BMX World Championship illuminated by Disano’s Forum floodlights

From 5 to 9 June Baku will host the BMX World Championship offering extremely fast and spectacular competitions on motocross-inspired racing tracks. Races will take place at the Baku Velopark built for the European Games in 2015 and illuminated by Disano’s Forum floodlights.


The Baku Velopark

Bicycle motocross (BMX) is an Olympic discipline performed on special bikes invented in California in the Sixties. Races are competed on dirt tracks that are 4-5 km long and last 1-2 hours.

The BMX Velopark in Baku, built in 2015 and entirely renovated in 2016, is a 4.3 km-long-track that alternates technical jumps, descents and climbs on a variety of different terrains and trails. The arena can seat up to 1670 people.

The 2018 BMX World Championship, organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and the Azerbaijan Cyclist Federation, will gather 2000 cyclists from more than 50 countries. The winner will be entitled to wear the rainbow jersey as Cycling BMX World Champion.



The lighting system

The BMX Velopark in Baku is equipped with a lighting system made by Disano illuminazione. The system includes 4 light towers, 40 metres tall, each mounting 42 Forum 2000 W floodlights by Disano.

The lights in the Velopark allow using the arena also for night-time competitions, with spectacular TV reports broadcasted by leading international channels.

The main difficulty of the lighting system installed in this particular facility consists in guaranteeing the right level of luminance to such an articulated and bumpy track where athletes race at breathtaking speeds. The final choice fell upon a vertical illuminance of 1500 lux.


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